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  • 1. James Moore asks - I have just been diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes. I`m 71 yrs old and haven`t a clue what to eat or drink. Can you please give me some ideas for what I can and can’t eat? Any advice would be gratefully received.

    Everyone who is diagnosed with diabetes should have access to a diabetes nurse specialist who will help with advice on treating the condition, so do make sure to ask your GP for a referral. The good news is that there aren’t so many differences between a healthy diet for diabetics and a healthy diet generally.  It is recommended that you eat lots of fruit and vegetables and moderate amounts of protein (lean meat and fish) and low fat dairy products. You’ll need to eat foods that don’t cause big swings in your blood glucose, which usually means having fewer sugary foods and swapping refined carbs, such as white bread and rice for whole grains like whole grain pasta, brown rice and wholemeal bread. Canderel comes in useful if you do fancy a sweet treat, as it doesn’t affect your blood glucose levels, like sugar can.

  • 2. Mairead asks - Do you have any recipes for diabetic jam?

    To make diabetic jam, just use Canderel Yellow Granules cup-for-cup in place of the sugar in your favourite jam recipe. The yield will be slightly less and you may find that your jam has a softer set, so for better results, try boiling the jam longer than the recipe calls for. Reducing the liquid will help you get a firmer set too.  Remember, however, that Canderel Yellow does not have the same preserving effects as sugar, so keep the jam in the fridge

  • 3. Katie asks - Can Canderel be used as a substitute for sugar in bun recipes?

    There should be no problem in using Canderel in a bun recipe, but remember you need to divide the weight of sugar required in the recipe by ten to get the amount of Canderel you need in its place. Try using Canderel Yellow Granules, which can be better for cooking and baking at sustained high temperatures.

  • 4. Larry asks - What amount of nutritive carbohydrates is in Canderel Granules?

    1 teaspoon of Canderel Granular contains 0.47 g Carbohydrate.  Because of the small quantities of carrier carbohydrate contained in each spoonful, Canderel products are suitable for low-carb dieters.

  • 5. Anne asks - Is it OK to use Canderel while breastfeeding?

    Yes, Canderel and Canderel Yellow are suitable for women who are breast feeding, but women should always consult with their doctor before changing their diet.

  • 6. Jean Tansley asks - Can Canderel Yellow be used instead of brown sugar?

    Unfortunately Canderel Yellow probably will not have the same effect as brown sugar as brown sugar contains molasses and therefore will give a sticky and moist texture and also deeper flavour of sugar. With Canderel Yellow it gives you the sweetness and therefore you will need to add other ingredients to have the same effect as when using brown sugar.

  • 7. Diane Holland asks – I have been diagnosed with heart failure, do you have any recipes that don’t contain salt?

    Heart failure is when the body does not pump efficiently and does not deliver enough oxygen to your body. Reducing the salt content of your diet can help the condition, as it reduces the amount of fluid in the blood, hence the amount of strain that is put on the heart.

    Many recipes in the Canderel Kitchen  – particularly the sweet treats - are low or no salt.

    No diet can be completely salt free, but below are some suggestions for how you can reduce your intake, I do hope they help.

    - If a recipe simply suggests salt as a seasoning, you can always take it out, or replace with herbs, pepper or spices.

    - Choose unprocessed fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables, fresh meats, poultry, fish, pulses, eggs, milk and yogurt. Plain rice, pasta and oats are also good low-salt choices (though this will not be the case if you chose filled pasta or savoury rice mixes).

    - Season with herbs, spices, herbed vinegar and fruit juices. Avoid herb and spice mixtures or salad dressings that contain salt or sodium. Use lemon juice or fresh ground pepper to accent natural flavours.

    - Read food labels before you buy packaged foods. The safe maximum salt intake for adults is 6g a day, but you may be advised to eat less. As a guide, more than 1.5g salt per 100g is a lot and less than 0.3g salt per 100g is a little.

  • 8. Mymona Jappie asks - What is fine polenta? I would like to try the Lemon Drizzle Cake recipe.

    Fine polenta (also known as just polenta), is simply ground corn (maize) and can be found in most supermarkets near the rice and pasta. Polenta is a great source of energising starchy carbohydrates and B vitamins. As well as being used in this delicious cake, it makes an interesting alternative to pasta and rice in savoury dishes.

  • 9. Thuraya asks - My mum has suffered from diabetes for over 30 years. She regularly uses Canderel but I wanted to make some biscuits with her. How do I substitute sugar for Canderel in my biscuit recipe?

    You can either replace the amount of sugar used in the recipe spoon for spoon with Canderel or Canderel Yellow Granules. Alternatively replace the sugar with Canderel using one-tenth of the weight of the sugar that the recipe asks for. The biscuits may cook slightly quicker than normal, so be sure to check on them in the oven.

  • 10. Joyce and Kathy ask - Can you use Canderel to make meringue? If yes, how much would you use with 4 egg whites? .........thanks!

    I’m pleased to say that it is possible to make meringue with Canderel, simply replace the sugar in your meringue recipe with Canderel or Canderel Yellow Granules.

    The rule is to use 50g sugar per egg used (so 4 eggs would require 200g sugar). However you then need to convert this quantity for Canderel or Canderel Yellow, so need to divide this by 10 – so use 20g Canderel or Canderel Yellow.

  • 11. Linda Ibbetson, Alan Haywood, Gloria and Taslim – All asked about what negative effects Canderel and especially aspartame could have on their health.

    Aspartame is made from two amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein.  When we consume foods or drinks containing aspartame, the sweetener is broken down to its simple components they are treated in exactly the same way as if they had come from meat, milk or vegetables. Aspartame brings nothing new to the diet and therefore both Canderel and Aspartame will not have a negative impact on a person’s health.

  • 12. Linda asks - I'm with Weight Watchers and doing really well, but I have a very sweet tooth! Can you make recipes better by just substituting Canderel for sugar? And do you use the same amount?

    You can indeed substitute sugar directly with Canderel or Canderel Yellow to reduce the number of calories in recipes. Canderel Granules are perfect for sprinkling on fruit or cereal and Canderel Yellow can be used when cooking and baking at higher temperatures.  There are two ways of measuring the amount of Canderel required. You can measure and sweeten spoon for spoon like sugar, or you can divide the amount of sugar required in a recipe by 10 e.g. 100g sugar = 10g Canderel. For tried and tested results, why not try the recipes on the Canderel website.

  • 13. Adele asks - I have made your recipe for Ginger and Lemon Cheese cake (lovely) but added an extra 2 tablespoons of Canderel. Is there a possibility that this could give someone diarrhoea? I do not want to upset anybody's stomach.

    Taste is something that is personal to everyone so feel free to add that extra sweetness and don’t worry as this won’t have an impact on anyone’s health. None of the ingredients found in Canderel sweeteners are associated with known diarrhoea effects (unlike some sweeteners that contain sorbitol for example).

  • 14. Amy Rogers asks - I make my own wine using home wine making kits, can I use Canderel instead of sugar?

    Canderel Granules are suitable for use in a wide range of recipes in place of sugar. However please be aware that in some recipes Canderel will not perform in the same way that sugar will so allowances sometimes need to be made for this by using alternative ingredients to compensate . A convenient way is to measure the volume of sugar required by the recipe (which you could do in terms of amount in a measuring jug or in tablespoons) and use exactly the same volume of Canderel in its place.  Alternatively swap the weight in grams of sugar in the recipe with one-tenth the weight of Canderel – in other words if the recipe asks for 100g of sugar, use 10g Canderel.

  • 15. Maureen Branson asks – I was recently told my cholesterol level was 6, what is the healthy level?

    Ideally your levels should be about 5.2, though the average cholesterol in the UK is around 5.6. Don’t panic if your level is high if your blood pressure is healthy and you are not overweight or a smoker, a slightly raised cholesterol level is less significant.

  • 16. Bronagh asks - Can you use Canderel to sweeten rhubarb instead of sugar?

    Yes, you can use Canderel to sweeten your stewed rhubarb - just sprinkle over the same amount of teaspoons of Canderel Granules as you would of sugar. If you are a Rhubarb fan, you can also find a delicious recipe for Ginger Rhubarb Crisp in the Canderel Kitchen.

  • 17. Tracy Maintz asks - Is Canderel chocolate suitable for diabetics?

    Yes, Canderel chocolate is suitable for diabetics. However please be aware that Canderel chocolate is no longer available in the UK.

  • 18. Roelien asks – Is Canderel Yellow suitable for diabetics as it is made with Sucralose?

    Both Canderel and Canderel Yellow are suitable for diabetics. Sucralose is not recognised as a sugar or carbohydrate by the body. It also has no effect on how the body absorbs and uses carbohydrates in other foods. Sucralose has not been shown to raise blood glucose or insulin levels. Studies have confirmed that sucralose has no effect on short or long-term blood glucose control for individuals with normal blood glucose levels or for individuals with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

  • 19. Kim Paterson asks -Is there a limit on the amount of Canderel that a person should take in any 24 hour period? I care for a person within a homeless hostel who consumes in excess of 60 Canderel Tablets in a day!

    It is almost impossible to use too much Canderel if this is your worry, and there is no possibility of this occurring even if a person’s daily diet includes several cups of sweetened tea, plus some Canderel-sweetened baked goods or treats.

    There is no defined acceptable daily intake (ADI) for Canderel, but the ADI for aspartame is 40mg/kg of body weight and for Ace-K 15 mg/kg. So, for example, a person weighing 70kg could consume 154 Canderel Tablets per day, every day, throughout life without exceeding the ADI.

  • 20. Jenny House and Mary White ask – Is Canderel suitable for diet controlled diabetics? And do you have any recipes?

    Canderel is ideal for diabetics, especially in recipes where it replaces significant amounts of sugar that may otherwise upset a diabetic person’s blood glucose regulation. Do bear in mind that flour-rich baked goods may also need to be moderated however, with most diabetics being better off with whole grain products for every day and only occasional white flour treats. You can find recipes that use Canderel instead of sugar inside the Canderel Kitchen.

  • 21. Edward asks - Is it true that when you cook dishes such as puddings, cakes etc with Canderel, that it loses its sweet taste? As I have found this on several occasions.

    You could try using different quantities of Canderel to get to a level of sweetness ideal for you. Alternatively you could try using our new product Canderel Yellow which is made with a different blend of ingredients that has been specially formulated for cooking and baking at high temperatures. The main difference is that Canderel Yellow is made with sucralose, which is heat stable, so it’s great for use in the wide variety of temperatures and baking recipes. Canderel is perfect for simple and easy meals such as sprinkling on fruit or cereal or for recipes that don’t require cooking at high temperatures.  Find recipes tailored for each product on our website at www.canderel.co.uk. Canderel Yellow is available in Tesco and Morrisons stores.

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