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Sweeten your drinks with Canderel® Original – the sweetener you know and trust. It has the same sweetness as a teaspoon of sugar but with fewer calories.


Think delicious, think sweet, think Sweetely. Our brand new Canderel® Sweetely is the tasty, versatile Sucralose range that’s perfect for all occasions, and is the best sugar-swap when it comes to baking.


Canderel Sugarly® is a zero calorie sweetener that tastes, looks, and feels like sugar – but it’s not sugar.


Canderel® Zero liquid is a handy portable pack that dissolves instantly and is perfect for sweetening hot and cold drinks.


Our Canderel® Stevia and Stevia Blend* range is made using extracts of the Stevia plant to create a delicious, low calorie sweetener which is derived from nature.

*With extracts of the stevia plant (steviol glycosides) and Sucralose

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