Discover the range Whether you desire yours irresistibly smooth or crunchy – our new chocolate range is satisfaction wrapped up. * vs a traditional dark chocolate bar Get the recipe Discover our quick and easy recipe inspiration made from sweet, delicious and versatile Canderel® Sugarly. Get the recipe Get your bake on and try our irresistible banana cake recipe lovingly sweetened with Canderel® Sugarly.


Our simply fabulous range of low and no calorie sweeteners you’ll find the perfect one to satisfy your tastebuds.


With our new and great-tasting chocolate bar range, treat day can be any day you fancy!

Swap a teaspoon of sugar for Canderel® Granules in your tea once a day and it can add up to a whopping 5110 less calories a year!*

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*1 teaspoon sugar (4g) = 16 calories and 1 teaspoon (0.5g) Canderel® Granules = 2 calories

Canderel® Sugarly looks, tastes and crunches like sugar...but with no calories! Find out more Made from sucralose, Canderel® Sweetely has the same delicious sweet taste as sugar but contains only 2 calories per teaspoon! Find out more Try our Canderel® Stevia Blend tablets & crunchy granules, and say goodbye to bitterness and hello to sweetness! Find out more

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